We are the first and only international agency specialized in travel to the Amazon.

At WE ARE THE AMAZON we offer an ecotourism experience in the Amazon with all the security and comfort from an agency who is totally integrated with the terrain and surrounding communities.

Because we believe that a different tourism in the Amazon is possible, we offer personalized immersion experiences for each traveler, where respect for the area and the different communities of the Amazon is paramount. In addition, your contribution will help us to collaborate with the local associations with which we work.

Living, enjoying and understanding the Amazon jungle next to us is a different travel experience and we even dare to say that unique. Our work philosophy is to avoid tourist sites, always offer experiences that we ourselves have lived in the first person and constantly update us.

We have traveled on cruises along the Amazon River and navigated by its tributaries. We have tested millennial Amazon medicinal plants, talked to shamans and experienced ceremonies and rituals. We have spent the night in shelters, villages and cities in the jungle, sampling exotic fruits and tasting local gastronomy. Of course, we have also met the different peoples of the Amazon and their tribes like the Shipibo-Konibo or the Cocama.

This international agency comes from the love of the Amazon jungle and the desire to share it with travelers seeking to expand their knowledge of other cultures.

We also offer to extend the experience to the most extraordinary areas of Peru, since we consider it essential to experience jewels such as Machu Picchu, the Nazca and Lima lines among other destinations.

We believe passionately that this is the tourism of the future and we have traveled the Amazon jungle and its surroundings to bring you the most intense and unforgettable experiences possible.

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