Activities and Experiences

All activities and experiences presented here are adventures we have lived in first and and it´s why we have been able to design them to a maximum detail. We have tried as much as possible, each of the activities and experiences be as complete as possible, so if you only choose one, you’ll keep taking a good idea of the spectacularity of the Amazon rainforest.

Each experience is customizable for every budget by varying the duration of the stay or the type of accommodation. In the same way, they can vary activities and experiences according to the tastes and preferences of the visitor, fit to travel alone, in group or even for honeymoons.

Amazon Cruises

The Amazon cruises are designed so that you can enjoy the best views and experiences in the Amazon River, and that in turn may be accessed fast and agile in inhospitable areas

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Living in the Amazon Jungle

This experience offers you live in the forest in a way totally immersive, enjoying the variety of adventures offered by the forest and discover its infinite biodiversity.

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Travel by Plane in the Amazon

The plane rides provide a unique perspective to understand the vastness of the Amazon rainforest, its wealth of landscapes and the wealth of winding curves of the longest river in the world.

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Adventure and Survival Tours in the Amazon

Survival tours in the Amazon are the best way to know the life of the premises since you will have the opportunity to hunt, fish,cook, and live with them.

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Kuelap Fortress and the Gocta Cataract in the Amazon

The fortress of Kuelap and Gocta’s cataract are two of the most impressive places in the Amazon and are a highly essential visit.

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Canyoning in the Amazon and the Blue Lagoon

The activity of canyoning and the Blue Lagoon are a way to learn about the Amazon Rainforest based on the interaction with the rivers and mountains.

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Medicinal Amazonian Plants and Shamanic Culture Route

Esta ruta es para aquellas personas que deseen conocer de cerca la cultura chamánica explicada por un chamán local y experto en plantas medicinales amazónicas, y que además quieran conocer la historia, cultura y tradiciones del pueblo amazónico.

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Essential Peru

Peru has some hidden jewels that you should not miss for any reason if you are in the Amazon. This experience is designed so that you visit some of the most essential places of PeruPerú in the fastest possible way.

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