The Amazon cruises are designed so that you can enjoy the best views and experiences in the Amazon River, and that in turn may be accessed fast and agile in inhospitable areas.

Why choose cruises on the Amazon?

Imagine breakfast contemplating the magnificent sunrises in theAmazon or enjoy a local cocktail, as the Chuchuwasi Sour, seeing how the sun sets on the longest river in the world. Imagine you going kayaking, night excursions in search of alligators and bathing in Lakes next to the pink dolphins , unique in its kind in the Amazon. Our Amazon cruises allow you to see a great variety of landscapes in the Amazon and in the Pacaya Samiria national reserve-, also called forest of mirrors, without having to move constantly. In addition, thanks to the use of small boats aboard, you can abandon the cruise ship access to inhospitable places of the forest, land activities to enjoy and visit local communities. Activities ashore include Ornithology (Peru is among the three countries in the world with more variety of birds)and fishing for piranhas, which you can enjoy cooking for dinner.You’ll also make excursions on foot, trekking, paddleboarding, walk by bridges and visit the Amazon Manatee Rescue Center.

Where are there cruises leaving from in the Amazon?

Boats navigating the Amazon River, its tributaries and Lakes of the Pacaya-Samiria national reserve, reserve and biggest Park in Peru which, with 20 800 square kilometers, represents approximately 50% of Swiss territory. There are 208 villages in the area and the majority of inhabitants are descendants of the cocama-cocamilla indigenous tribe. Thanks to the conservation of this park has been a significant recovery of pink dolphins and river among other primates.

How are our cruises in the Amazon?

– How to get there: Embarks to cruise ships in the city of Iquitos and Nauta.

– From: 3 to 5 days with 2-3 day trips.

– Price: From 995 € per person. 4 days and 3 nights program

– Maintenance: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and some drinks, are included in the price. There are peruana-amazonica gourmet cuisine. We adapt ourselves to the food needs of the passengers.

– Language: Local guides are bilingual in Spanish and English, but other requested languages can be provided if inquired in advance.

– Information to keep in mind: The comfort of Cruisers are exceptional and there are also cruises for all budgets. They are designed for a few passengers, so the service is personalized and you can also hire travel charter for groups.


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Amazon Cruises

The Amazon cruises are designed so that you can enjoy the best views and experiences in the Amazon River, and that in turn may be accessed fast and agile in inhospitable areas

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Living in the Amazon Jungle

This experience offers you live in the forest in a way totally immersive, enjoying the variety of adventures offered by the forest and discover its infinite biodiversity.

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Travel by Plane in the Amazon

The plane rides provide a unique perspective to understand the vastness of the Amazon rainforest, its wealth of landscapes and the wealth of winding curves of the longest river in the world.

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Adventure and Survival Tours in the Amazon

Survival tours in the Amazon are the best way to know the life of the premises since you will have the opportunity to hunt, fish,cook, and live with them.

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Kuelap Fortress and the Gocta Cataract in the Amazon

The fortress of Kuelap and Gocta’s cataract are two of the most impressive places in the Amazon and are a highly essential visit.

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Canyoning in the Amazon and the Blue Lagoon

The activity of canyoning and the Blue Lagoon are a way to learn about the Amazon Rainforest based on the interaction with the rivers and mountains.

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Medicinal Amazonian Plants and Shamanic Culture Route

Esta ruta es para aquellas personas que deseen conocer de cerca la cultura chamánica explicada por un chamán local y experto en plantas medicinales amazónicas, y que además quieran conocer la historia, cultura y tradiciones del pueblo amazónico.

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Essential Peru

Peru has some hidden jewels that you should not miss for any reason if you are in the Amazon. This experience is designed so that you visit some of the most essential places of PeruPerú in the fastest possible way.

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