This experience offers you live in the forest in a way totally immersive, enjoying the variety of adventures offered by the forest and discover its infinite biodiversity.

Why choose shelters in the Amazon?

How can one aspire to know the jungle if you don´t wake up, bathe, walk and sleeps with her? The lodges in the Amazon offer the opportunity to live the jungle in a way totally immersive. These are located on the banks of tributaries and are bungalowsmade with rustic wood so well they are in absolute harmony with the vegetation of their environment. The majority of excursions during this experience are made in boats to reach the abundant biodiversity of the Amazon, his exceptional, unique and inhospitable places. In addition, you can practice a wide variety of adventure activities like fishing for piranhas, visits to communities, bird watching, excursions at night to look for alligators, watching the giant Victoria Regia flowers, walk along hanging bridges, kayaking trips and visits to the Macaw clay lick. One of the activities is the breakfast watching pink dolphins and swimming with them. Would you like to wake up to the sounds of the jungle?

Where do we have the shelters in the Amazon?

There are shelters in the Pacaya-Samiria Natural Reserve, Iquitos, Tambopata Natural Reserve – near the border with Bolivia – and in Puerto Maldonado. In Brazil, Manaos, Mato Grosso or Acre.

How are the shelters in the Amazon?

– How to get there: You arrive by plane and in the case of Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado there are two hours by road. We organize all routes and you will always be accompanied. To Manaos or Mato Grosso also in plane

– Duration: 3 to 5 nights.

– Where will you sleep: At the shelter.

– Maintenance: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and some drinks, are included. We adapt ourselves to the food needs of the passengers.

Extra info: Is individually customized experience without having to rely on a group for this purpose.

– Language: The local guides are bilingual in Spanish, English and Portuguese, but if you wish to request a guide that speaks other languages it can be arranged, as long as you request it upfront.

– Information to keep in mind: We can individually customize the experience without having to depend on a group to perform it.

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Amazon Cruises

The Amazon cruises are designed so that you can enjoy the best views and experiences in the Amazon River, and that in turn may be accessed fast and agile in inhospitable areas

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Living in the Amazon Jungle

This experience offers you live in the forest in a way totally immersive, enjoying the variety of adventures offered by the forest and discover its infinite biodiversity.

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Travel by Plane in the Amazon

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Travel with me to the Amazon

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Kuelap Fortress and the Gocta Cataract in the Amazon

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Expeditions in the Amazon

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Medicinal Amazonian Plants and Shamanic Culture Route

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