Medicinal Amazonian Plants and Shamanic Culture Route

The medicinal Amazonian plants and Shamanic culture route Cultura Chamánica bring you close to the Shamanic mindset that sees the world as being formed by energies, powers and invisible beings.

Listen to the Icarus songs of the shaman in the middle of a ceremony

Why do the medicinal amazonian plants and the shamanic culture route?

Shamanic culture comes from a mentality and animistic worldview, i.e., that the world is made up of energy, powers or invisible beings. All objects, like any natural element, are equipped with soul or consciousness itself. Animist peoples drinking certain plants in order to be cleaned physically or as a means to view the essential reality. Amazonian people have the belief that certain plants helps to access knowledge, to have another perception about life that opens to another way of living life, closer to nature and that, therefore, helps to general and spiritual well-being. The Amazons considered them an important tool of expansive state of consciousness in order to help in the process of internal cultivation and in the evolution of itself. From We Are Amazon, we can get you close to this way of understanding life, this cultural experience in a natural environment, away from our Western culture, a unique travelers experience, which is not possible to find in the conventional tourist circuits.

Amazon medicinal plants are a real pharmacy for our health, we have to study and preserve. The richness, diversity and potential phytotherapeutic medicinal plants of the Amazon rainforest is undeniable infinity of flora and vegetation existing in the Amazon rainforest. For this reason we believe it is necessary to create a route of Amazon medicinal plants for their observation and study in order to contribute to their knowledge and conservation, offering a journey to the interior of the Amazon rainforest where you can enjoy this great experience cultural, natural and anthropological. En route the shaman will explain the type of plants that exist in the Amazon rainforest, its importance for the cure of diseases, their use in local communities, their cultural significance, making this an immersion in the culture of Amazonian people that will make your trip a unique experience.

The role of the shaman in the Amazon has a number of virtues as the charisma and self-control, the neatness in actions and intentions, which are carried out with intelligence, advanced knowledge and above all with a great attitude of service to others. It could be argued that shamanism is a form of social relations based on support and service to others.

The shaman who works with We Are the Amazon, will explain how, when and what is needed to become an Amazon shaman. The elements required to be shaman, his years of study of the medicinal plants, their strict diets and fasts, their influence on communities, the meaning of songs (“icaros”) in ceremonies, symbols, their cosmology, everyday life, tools, work that uses and mythology, i.e. in general will explain how is the indigenous cultures of the Amazon and the role of shamanism in it.

This route is for those who wish to learn about the shamanic explained by a local shaman culture and an expert on Amazonian medicinal plants and who also want to learn about the history, culture and traditions of the Amazon people.

Where is the medicinal plants route and shaman culture in the Amazon?

Our hotel is situated in a campsite, without electricity, an hour from Iquitos. It is away from the noise and pollution of the city, making it a perfect place for meditation. On this site you will find medicinal plants like the achiote, cat’s claw, Sanango, Huacapurana or nail Huasca, in addition to a natural forest environment, where you can make outs.

How is the medicinal plants route and shaman culture in the Amazon?



– How to get to the site: You reach the camp on a boat with motor. We organize all routes and always will be accompanied by our local guide.

– Duration: 3 days/2nights.

– Where are you sleeping: A camp, no electricity, no phone signal.

– Extra info: Tours of medicinal plants are made with our shaman.

We Are The Amazon does not organize, sell or market travels of Ayahuasca takes and of any kind of entheogens that can alter the conscience.

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Medicinal Amazonian Plants and Shamanic Culture Route

This route is for those who wish to learn about the shamanic culture explained by a local shaman and expert in Amazonian medicinal plants, and who also want to know the history, culture and traditions of the Amazonian people.


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