Travel with me to the Amazon

What better way to travel to the Amazon with a person who has lived in the jungle, is passionate about it and knows its best secrets! I will show you how the locals live, we will sail the Amazon River and its winding tributaries, we will go deep into its vegetation in search of its infinitely varied fauna and flora. You don’t really know a place until you see it with the eyes of a person who considers himself part of it.


Why travel with me to the Amazon?

I graduated in Tourism from the University of Barcelona – CETT . Once I finished my degree, I traveled around Europe, North America, and China. My desire to continue discovering incredible destinations finally made me go to live in Peru, a magical country with charming people.

In Peru I was the director of the luxury cruises Delfin Amazon Cruises in the Peruvian Amazon for more than two years, still the only cruises in the world that are part of the Relais & Chateaux establishments. I was learning about the Amazon, living with the natives, their customs, and filling myself with their magic. My concerns did not cease to grow and continue learning from the jungle. Later I accepted to do a six-month advising for a cruise company also in the Peruvian jungle. I managed the direction and the management of operations of the reforms of the hotel part of the cruises La Perla and Amatista, and I also carried out the opening of the luxury cruise Zafiro. Later, this company was awarded by the Oscars of Tourism in 2019: The World Travel Awards as the best river cruises in South America.  I continue to collaborate and guide private and small groups in the Amazon with the Russian luxury holistic agency Holistic Travel.

On my return to Barcelona I wanted to be connected with the jungle for the rest of my life and I created and founded my own travel agency. I wished that people could enjoy the jungle as I did. It is the first and only international travel agency specialized in trips to the Amazon to offer unique and personalized experiences so that you can feel part of the Amazon as I do.

What kind of experiences do we offer in the Amazon?

We offer our own exclusive experiences to small groups and accompanied private trips to see the wonders of the Amazon.

Expeditions, cruises, visits to native villages, excursions, Amazonian gastronomy, route of medicinal plants, art, and Amazonian culture all this respecting and preserving the environment through ecotourism.


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Amazon Cruises

The Amazon cruises are designed so that you can enjoy the best views and experiences in the Amazon River, and that in turn may be accessed fast and agile in inhospitable areas

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Living in the Amazon Jungle

This experience offers you live in the forest in a way totally immersive, enjoying the variety of adventures offered by the forest and discover its infinite biodiversity.

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Travel by Plane in the Amazon

The plane rides provide a unique perspective to understand the vastness of the Amazon rainforest, its wealth of landscapes and the wealth of winding curves of the longest river in the world.

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Travel with me to the Amazon

What better way to travel to the Amazon with a person who has lived in the jungle, is passionate about it and knows its best secrets!


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Kuelap Fortress and the Gocta Cataract in the Amazon

The fortress of Kuelap and Gocta’s cataract are two of the most impressive places in the Amazon and are a highly essential visit.

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Expeditions in the Amazon

The Expeditions present the best way of getting to know the Amazon based on interaction with nature and native communities.


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Medicinal Amazonian Plants and Shamanic Culture Route

This route is for those who wish to learn about the shamanic culture explained by a local shaman and expert in Amazonian medicinal plants, and who also want to know the history, culture and traditions of the Amazonian people.


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Essential Peru & Brazil

Peru and Brazil has some hidden jewels that you should not miss for any reason if you are in the Amazon. This experience is designed so that you visit some of the most essential places of Brazil and Peru in the fastest possible way.

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