Because the Amazon is the largest jewel of this planet and the one that we must take care of. We want to be your local travel companion.

The wealth of the Amazon

The Amazon are the lungs of the Earth, it represents more than half of the total jungle of the planet besides being the largest and most biodiverse region in the world. With more than 30,000 different species of animals and more than 11,600 species of trees have been discovered, although the experts believe that there are still about 4,000 species of trees to be discovered. The Amazon River is the largest and mightiest river in the world, with a length of 7,062 kilometers, as well as being extremely wide and deep. It is also estimated that more than 300 native languages are spoken and that there are at least 5,000 different cultures within 500 ethnic groups.

It is impossible to deny the relationship between a strong Amazon and a balanced world.

Threats facing the Amazon

Deforestation leads to the extinction of a large number of species of animals, it also significantly aggravates climate change and forces the native people from their land, severely obstructing their human rights.

Our commitment
to the amazon

We refuse to be a travel agency that obtains economic benefits from a region without giving anything in return and without contributing to its healthy and balanced development. We feel that we have a commitment to the Amazon people and their environment.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to the traveler, the Amazon and its people to achieve the following objectives:


Contribute to companies that put a greater emphasis on hiring and training the locals.


Contribute to companies that buy products from local peasants, fishermen and farmers, in order to support communities. For the same reason, we believe is appropriate to use local, natural and organic products.


Encourage the purchase of handicrafts and paintings to stimulate self-sufficiency and local economy with the aim of offering a successful and sustainable future to the locals.


Work with those refuges, cruises and local entities that have decorations and objects for everyday use made by local communities.


Give priority to shelters and companies that use renewable energy, recycle and have more environmental awareness. We believe is important that companies use wood from fallen trees and/or from trees that are not in danger of extinction.

We are called WE ARE THE AMAZON because we feel that we are part of the Amazon; which belongs to the locals, yet is everyone’s responsibility.

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